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Start Generating UNLIMITED Leads & Sales from Facebook Fanpages on 100% AUTOPILOT – Watch How This New Artificially Intelligent ChatBot Software Can Do It For You…

100% Autopilot Software

Use on Unlimited Fanpages 

ChatBot Replies in seconds with Text, Images and Links

Subscribe Unlimited Users directly from Facebook

Send Mass Messages to Unlimited Users instantly

Works for Fanpages in ANY NICHE. Hands-Free! 

BulletBrain AI Bot learns & intelligently replies to users

New 2016 Facebook Technology That Generates 

Leads & Sales From Facebook Fanpages on 100% Autopilot...

From the desk of Satish Gaire

Imagine this...

A visitor or a potential customer comes to your facebook page at 3 AM in the morning and inquires about a service/product. 

You on the other hand - are deep asleep or traveling on business & cannot respond.

Your facebook bot chats with your potential customer to provide all the information he needs.

The chatbot even grabs the lead for you, saves it for you to contact him later. Even grabs his facebook photo, name, gender & location for you. 

Then sends him the correct info he needs in order to signup or open a ticket or arrange a call back...

This is not a scene from some futuristic sci-fi movie - this is a brand new technology that you can implement today on your fanpage and get started in just 5 minutes. 

It's impossible for small businesses and individuals to have 24/7 support or someone to reply to messages/queries from facebook almost immediately.

Wait a few hours to reply back and you might have lost the sale to someone else.

The cost of getting leads from Facebook is constantly going up.

Targeted leads can cost anywhere between $6 to $10 PER LEAD. 

That's not good.

That's why we decided to create a solution that would get you MORE LEADS & MORE SALES while engaging potential leads & helping them. 

 A FULLY AUTOMATED solution that would work directly on your Facebook fanpages. 


We created an artificially intelligent chatbot that works right INSIDE Facebook and lives right on your fanpages to interact, help and respond directly to your fans/new visitors & generate unlimited leads & sales for you on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT.

Introducing - Bullet Response.


A completely web based software that can add unlimited artificially intelligent Chat Bots to your fanpages and get you unlimited leads and sales on 100% Autopilot.

Simple 5 Minute Setup, just follow our videos.

100% Automated, set and forget software

Uses the Official Facebook API for everything.

Built with BULLET BRAIN Artificial Intelligence Technology that learns as it goes for more accurate responses.

Trusted by over 500+ Customers!

This software makes getting leads & converting them into sales - 100% Hands-Free!

Using Bullet Response on your Fan Pages is as Easy as 1-2-3…

There is absolutely NOTHING to install. 

After you purchase, login to your online account and follow the simple videos that walk you through everything.

Simple connect your Facebook fanpage with a chatbot in your Bullet Response account – it may take a few hours to get Facebook t to review and approve it initially but the next time it will be much faster. 

Step 1 : Connect with Facebook 

Pre-train & feed your chatbot with trigger keywords and responses for those. Example – how to reply when someone types Hello.. etc.

Also feed it relevant links, images for various products etc. the more you tell him the smarter it gets.   You can even add Pre-set Data!

 Step 2 : Add Keywords & Responses

Once you’ve added all the responses, you can deploy your chatbot to go LIVE on your fanpage and start working for you 24/7. 

 Step 3 : You’re DONE, Deploy your ChatBot Now! 


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Want To See Exactly What’s INSIDE Bullet Response That Makes it Such a BEAST?

Your Leads/Customers Get Instant Replies

No more waiting – your leads get an instant reply no matter what time of day it is and where they are. Customers get help immediately and get relevant replies automatically.

Not just text messages but Bullets Response chatbots can reply with images like product samples, options that users can pick from and even helpful website links that redirect the user to another page.

Reply with Text Messages, Images and even LINKS

Intelligent chatbot learns about the customer and with good timing, helps in closing the sale, sends them order links, buy button images and even discount codes to help entice the user into closing the sale.

ChatBot that Closes that SALE for You!

You can design your own complex cases and replies based on that. Users will get more accurate responses & messages at the right time. This will help in increasing your conversions & sales.

Structured Smart Messages that appear human-like!

This is the most important module of the software, the main brain behind the software that borrows from Facebook’s artificial intelligence engine and learns from customers and improves its accuracy of replies. A STELLAR FEATURE!

BULLET BRAIN Artificial Intelligence Technology that learns.

Not only does the smart chatbot reply to users, it also stores users info and subscribes them to messages. Details like Name, Photo, Location and Gender are stored for every subscriber

100% Autopilot LIST BUILDING – Stores User Info too!

What is better than Email marketing? Sending someone a message on Facebook chat. That’s exactly what you can do in 1-CLICK to all your users and get 100% inboxing, means users will actually see your messages every single time.

You can even create SEGMENTS!

1-CLICK to Send Mass Messages Straight to INBOX

Why Work So Hard When Bullet Response Can Do All The Heavy-Lifting For You…on 100% AUTOPILOT!

Whether it is day or night, holidays, vacations or even Christmas eve – your FB chatbot will keep working for you 24/7 – each and every day, non stop.

Whether you have ONE fanpage or 10, pick the right plan and you can even install the chatbots on every single fanpage you own. The software will run on all of them in parallel without dozing off on you.

Never again do you have to manually reply to messages from potential customers or answer stupid questions over Facebook. Boring manual labor no more. This software takes care of everything for you.

The training that we're including with this software is completely step-by-step and easy to follow so that you aren't scratching your head wondering how to set it up and what to do next. Just watch the simple videos and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

We really built this with the intention of allowing anyone (yes, ANYONE) to use this software – whether you are a business owner, web master or an individual making your first fanpage – this is for you. Just watch our videos and in minutes you will be able to launch a chatbot.

100% Autopilot – Works 24/7 For You

Run on UNLIMITED Fan Pages at the Same Time!

ENORMOUS Time & Cost Saver

Over the Shoulder Quick Start Tutorial Videos

100% Newbie Friendly

Check Out What Our Early Customers & Beta Testers Have to Say…

Finally : A Live Chat Bot/Assistant for Facebook That Puts Your FanPages on Complete Autopilot...

Imagine getting 100s of new leads everyday, without doing any work. 

Imagine having all your Fanpages on COMPLETE Autopilot. 

Have sales being closed on autopilot –without any manual intervention. 

Imagine having a software bot, work for you 24/7, without any monthly salary or benefits to pay for. 

Imagine spending seconds (instead of HOURS) responding to messages from potential clients. 

Imagine what would it feel like to convert Facebook chats into REAL SALES. 

With the click of a button, you will be able to send a message to all your users – instantly. 

Imagine delivering messages right INSIDE their inbox on facebook, something they check every hour.

No More Boring Manual Tasks, Working Hard to Close Sales & Missing Out on Opportunities...

 No more excessively spending on ads on to get leads that do not convert.

No need to manually reply to each and every message you get via Facebook

No more dealing with tire-kickers that just waste your precious time.

No more using only email marketing to reach your audience.

Say goodbye to partial inboxing, get 100% inboxing right inside the Facebook Messenger.

No more having to hire Virtual Assistants to respond to messages from facebook visitors.

No life-draining tech skills required in making this work for you.

Check Out What Our Early Customers & Beta Testers Have to Say…

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Bullet Response Main Product
Bullet Response Main Product

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Your purchase is backed with 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  There is No RISK on your part.

If issues,  Allow us to help and if you are still not satisfied, simply request a refund from us.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q.  Do i need  SSL for this to work?

No,  You do not need to buy SSL.  We will

provide you with built in SSL.

Q.  Do i need to download anything ?

No,  There is NOTHING to download.  You will be able to use Bullet Response from any computer / laptop / tablet...

Q.  Do you provide step by step guide
to connect it to my fanpage?

Yes,  We will provide you with step by step video 

training for the entire process.

Q.  Do i need to have any technical background?

No,  You do not need any technical background.  Everything is drag and drop.   We have detailed videos to help you in every step.

Q.  Are there any OTOs ?

Yes,  We have some EXCITING OTOs to

enhance Bullet Response,  but they are optional. 

Q.  Can i teach my bot anything i want?

Yes,  BulletResponse will not only try to learn your business over time but you can also teach it new things.

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